The Dawson Academy

Dr. Brown is a proud alumnus of The Dawson Academy, and utilizes the extensive training and insight she received to deliver complete dentistry techniques to all her patients at Murray Hill Dental.

What is the Dawson Academy?

The Dawson Academy is a post-graduate educational program devoted to coaching, supporting and encouraging dental professionals to become masters of complete dentistry. The Academy offers courses and clinical research rooted in the concept of "complete dentistry".

Participants of the program are taught the essential principles and skills for complete, predictable dentistry. Curriculum is designed to primarily focus on dental occlusion, temporomandibular joints, and comprehensive esthetic restorative dentistry.

Graduates of the program are equipped with a mastery level of understanding and skill in dentistry, achieved through the exploration of the masticatory system (the system of bony and soft structures, vessels, and nerves in the face and mouth). The program trains students to understand the critical nature of the masticatory system in the overall care of patients.

An education from the Dawson Academy ensures that a dentist is able to provide optimal diagnosis, thorough treatment planning, and quality patient care.